Our Mission

Our Mission

Get people close to achieving their dreams. We are here to let passion walk with you wherever you go because it's not just a phone case; it's a Lifestyle.


We are always trying to find ways to build a strong relationship with our customers in which it can help us reaching the peak.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We can't get our mission accomplished without putting a smile on your face.


Our printers work hard as much as we do. We make sure to resource our facilities with the latest technologies.

Business Analysis

Transparency is our advantage over the others. AutoSwell is making its way to become leading business in the phone case industry, the numbers says all. These structures are based on +45,000 orders

Positive Reviews

We give our best to each case we produce. Our customers send us happy messages and emails thanks to our work.

- John K. CEO, AutoSwell®


Our Family

We call ourselves a family because we care about our employees. We are close to each other and willing to take this business to the next level only by working hard and completing all the tasks not individually; but as a team. Our production line is divided into three segments: Producing, Printing, and Packaging. These structures show how our employees are divided between those segments.