Cars Are Not Just Made to Take You from A to B

Back in the day, when I asked Dad to buy me an iPhone, it was a huge shock for him. He pushed back, telling me buy my own when I start earning my own money. This led him to tell me about how he took pride in driving his sporty BMW 3 series, after saving up to buy it. He had been driving it for over two years at the time, and the way he talked about it made me realize that this car wasn’t just about transportation, it’s about lifestyle.


He had a few things to say about his BMW:


  1. The engine and transmission are more defined than in any other car. The use of Alloys suspension is something worth thinking about.
  2. The driving experience is out of this world, and nothing can beat a BMW when speed is involved.
  3. Even when driving it on ice, not a single time will you experience a spin.


This is how I managed to convince him to buy me a stylish phone. I wanted to fit into the lifestyle of my peers, and the best way to achieve this was to get the best phone that would equate with the style of the kind of car he drove. Having been given an option of an iPhone or a Samsung, I went for an iPhone, and this was my dream come true.

Our conversation got me thinking about high performance sports cars, and I started to develop his passion as well. I knew it would be while before I could drive my own sports car, so for my new iPhone I had to turn to Autoswell for a freshly printed, high quality phone case that reflects passion for high performance cars.

These cases, available for Samsung and iPhone, echo my dad’s perspective that cars don’t just get you from point A to point B; they are a way of life. And when you can’t quite afford that BMW to drive, you can take one with you everywhere you go while it protects your phone.

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